WHAT IS YOUR WHY? This has been a question popping up a lot recently.  Surprisingly, I have thought about my WHY and my PURPOSE, but never put it into words on paper.  Recently, several fellow business owners reminded me about the importance of not just knowing my WHY, but sharing it.  So, here it is…

What is my WHY?

One can take that question and apply it to different areas of their life.  What areas of your life pop up for you?

For me, three aspects of life immediately surface:

  • My Family
  • My Work
  • My Lifestyle

Interestingly, they all merge together!  

I will dissect each of them.  Interestingly, I intended for this to be a blog about my WHY with work, but like you, I am a real person and I have several WHYs.  They all merge together to create my purpose.

My Family - first and foremost, always.

What is my WHY?

  • Because I strongly believe in creating memories, love, connections, and quality time with family.  Those deserve to be cherished and honored.
  • Because sibling bonds are irreplaceable and unable to be duplicated.  If you have a sibling or siblings, I am sure you can relate.  I am lucky to have FOUR siblings!  About a year ago, my older brother shared a TED talk called "The Sibling Bond".  It was about, you guessed it, the bond that only siblings share.  I encourage you to watch it!  In that talk was a profound statement that I will always remember: “Our parents leave us too early.  Our spouse and our children come along too late.  Our siblings are the only ones who are with us for the entire ride.” Then, the last sentence of the talk speaks for itself: “Life is short and it’s finite and it plays for keeps.  Siblings may be among the richest harvests of the time we have here.”  How powerful is that?
  • Because they are flesh and blood.  Nothing will ever change that.  We only get one set of blood relatives.
  • Because my family is utterly amazing! Really and truly.  Just a few of the many examples - Who was there to get my belongings out of my totaled car at the junk yard following a car accident when I was not feeling well?  With living alone, who is there to check in on me, making sure I arrive to places and get home safely?  Who is there to reminisce and laugh about childhood memories, and they just “get it?”  Who is there in times of sadness, defeat, and joy?  Who is there when mourning the loss of a loved one?  Who was there to help me pack and move many, MANY times?  (A little funny side story: When I moved in 2005 into a purchased home, my dad said that was the last time he was ever going to help me move. Until I moved again in the summer of 2015. Guess who was there to help? My family, including my Dad!)  Yes, they are incredibly amazing and I admit that I am getting emotional as I am writing this because I am so very grateful for them.  Life would be drastically different without their love and support.

My Work – I was tempted to put the word “work” in quotes, because it is often difficult to call it work, as it is my PASSION.

What is my WHY?

  • Because I was empowered in my own health journey away from chronic digestive disease.  Now I want to empower you!  It is like the saying “I’ve seen the light!”  And now I want you to see it, too.
  • Because I believe that there are other approaches to tackling health concerns and issues; other approaches than what the common conventional mainstream doctor may typically tell you.  I do not believe that it absolutely has to be the way that “they” say it has to be.  When I was 19 years old (I share more about my journey HERE), I was told that I would suffer from Ulcerative Colitis for the rest of my life, and that I would always have to take medications to just “manage” my disease and deal with it.  After several years of believing this, and just going along with the recommended pharmaceutical medication regimen, I started questioning this approach because I knew in my heart that I did not want to just “manage” my disease process. I also had a GUT feeling that there was a way that I could feel better, despite this diagnosis, so I carefully investigated other approaches.  I did not want to simply survive; I wanted to LIVE. And guess what?  Through my newfound focus on ancestral living, my body rebounded and recovered significantly.  I truly believe there is space for everyone’s health to significantly improve, focusing on ancestral health and lifestyle. 
  • Because there is a bigger picture here!  Call it the greater good, if you will.  It is not solely about my health or about the health of my clients and students.  It is about building community, connectivity, relationships, and helping each other radiate in health and well-being.  It is also about the grassroots movement of returning to a more sustainable, ancestral lifestyle with thriving health. 
  • Because I went through a serious health journey, and I continue to travel through a health journey.  The most serious piece of my health journey, which I wrote about HERE, is incredible, but not the end.  Please know that there is no such thing as perfect health as the body is constantly adapting.  While I am SIGNIFICANTLY healthier than I was many years ago, we all go through ups and downs with health.  The important part here is that my chronic digestive disease is no longer expressing itself in anger as it once did with Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Because I believe that it is possible for the body to heal and recover, given the right tools and communication.  It is done, time and time again!

My Lifestyle – This includes an ancestral health lifestyle, nutrition, food, and movement/fitness. 

What is my WHY?

  • Because I believe there is more to life than what society demands or expects out of us.  Keeping up with the Joneses and the consumerism push are crafted by society’s expectations that do not provide true life meaning, only false comfort.
  • Because I believe in walking the talk!  I coach students and clients in the same lifestyle and journey that I am also traveling. 
  • Because I believe in the greater good, as mentioned previously.  I truly believe there can be a different, better way, full of vitality and strength!

So, that’s my WHY…actually, many WHYs!  I hope this has helped you learned more about me and my purpose.  I also hope it has inspired you to think about your WHYs.  Maybe ask yourself “What is my WHY?” See what surfaces and write it out.  Feel free to post comments below to share yours, too!

Tori Cox