Newest Kitchen and REAL Food Discoveries - December 2015

One of my favorite aspects of my work (I’ll also call it my passion) is that I regularly search for and try new kitchen gadgets, real food products and health promoting products.  I enjoy walking the talk (REAL food lifestyle) and then sharing these discoveries with my clients, students and readers.   

Also, I know how the real food transition is…Yes, it’s fun and empowering but also at times it is challenging and frustrating.  So many pieces to look into!

So, to help out, every couple months, I’m going to share new REAL food lifestyle discoveries, whether it is a kitchen gadget or real food ingredient/product.  My purpose is to help you navigate the real food transition a little more easily with these tried and true discoveries so that you have even more FUN in this!  Plus, these could always be great gifts for others in your life that are on this journey as well!

Also, please note, most of these are affiliate links, which I would greatly appreciate you using if you decide to purchase any of them (the cost to you is no different).  Although affiliate commissions are super tiny, every little bit helps and adds up with others’ purchase.  A big THANK YOU in advance for supporting my work and mission!

Let's Go!

The Instant Pot!  This is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan and more, all in one!  I have made wonderful bone broth in just a few hours, cooked a whole chicken in 30ish minutes, cooked root veggies in less than 15 minutes and there is much more for me to do with this!  This is a GAME CHANGER in the kitchen.  Several friends had been telling me about this in the last 6 months and I finally bought one.  And get this - I have heard that you can steam eggs for hard-boiled eggs and the shells just slip off!  Yup, I will be trying that soon!  You can purchase it quickly HERE on Amazon.

A simple “milk frother” - This hand-held battery operated frother that costs about $7 (The black one is $7 and the white one is $16) will surprise you with latte-like beverages such as what I call bone broth latte (LINK TO BONE BROTH LATE BLOG HERE), frothy/creamy teas, emulsified dressings (that’s intern Erik’s discovery) and much more!  I have been LOVING this to use in all sorts of drinks/beverages.  You can purchase it quickly HERE on Amazon.

Cuisinart Ice Cream maker!  - This is not actually a new discovery but something I’ve been using for a couple years now.  But, it’s still incredible.  I cannot tell you how many batches of homemade coconut milk ice cream I have made for myself and family gatherings.  The variations are endless but just a simple vanilla coconut milk ice cream is extremely satisfying, simple and a huge hit!  You simply mix your ingredients, put it in the pre-frozen drum and turn it on!  You can purchase it quickly HERE on Amazon.

Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Filter  - This is one of my newest finds as I literally just received it in the mail on December 3rd.  I was ecstatic to discover this particular travel water bottle with a filter because it removes many toxic substances including heavy metals, chorine and 90% of fluoride.   It’s stainless steel to boot!  It’s rare to find one of these with all these perks!  You can find it on Amazon HERE.

Thrive Market Now, this isn’t a product but Thrive Market is an online grocer who delivers real food products to you with close to wholesale values!   I have an account now and I absolutely LOVE it!  To the right here is a picture of my first order!  Prices are definitely less for the same high-quality products.  Coconut Aminos for example:

  • $4.45 on Thrive!
  • About $7 at a local health food store
  • $13.99 online on Amazon

Also, you can filter by organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, raw, and baby foods and natural products to meet your specific needs.  The yearly membership of about $60 is definitely worth it, factoring in all the savings that you will enjoy.  They also provide you with a FREE one month membership to give it a whirl!  Check it out HERE!

De Buyer Mineral 8 Inch Fry Pan: This is a great non-stick option and super budget friendly for such a high quality pan! It’s a carbon steel, mineral pan. I’ve been using this regularly to cook eggs, quick sautéing liver and reheating meals. It’s wonderfully non-stick. You have to prep/season the pan prior to using it but it’s not difficult to do. HERE is a good explanation on how to prep/season the pan. You can purchase the pan quickly on Amazon HERE! Other bigger sizes are Mauviel M’steel Frying Pan, 12.5 inch and Matfer Bourgeat 062007 Black Steel Round Frying Pan, 14 1/8-inch, Gray.

Sun Warrior Pea Protein Powder (Available Amazon in vanilla, chocolate and plain in both 2.2 lbs. and in 1.1 lbs. sizes.)   Often times, clients and students ask me about protein powders.  I have been looking for quite some time for a high quality one that I feel confident recommending.  I also make coconut milk shakes and adding a scoop or so of this gives an added boost!  I like this one because it is dairy-free, completely organic and very clean!  You can purchase it on Amazon HERE – 2.2 lbs. or 1.1 lbs.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker – If you aren’t ready to use the Instant Pot that I mentioned above, this programmable 6-quart slow cooker is a great option.  I’ve been using it for many years and although I have an Instant Pot, I still use my slow cooker on occasion and especially when I need two cooking vessels!    You can get it on Amazon HERE!

And last but not least…Chocolate!  I have been enjoying two different brands of great quality chocolate bars.  Neither use any refined sweeteners, dairy, grains, preservatives nor any soy lecithin.  They are both wonderful!  Pure7 chocolate bars use raw honey for a sweetener.  On Amazon, there are these versions: Pure7 Chocolate Bar 100% DarkPure7 Raw Honey Sweetened Chocolate Bar, RaspberryPure7 Raw Honey Sweetened Chocolate Bar, Salted Almond, and Pure7 Raw Honey Sweetened Chocolate Bar, Expresso.  You can also find their chocolates on Thrive Market.  Also, Eating Evolved Chocolate bars are wonderful too!  They use maple syrup and coconut sugar and they have several kinds from which to choose.  You can find them on Thrive Market.

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