Announcement! New Brand & Company Name!



I have some very exciting news! 

I’ve just re-branded my company name and I’m beyond thrilled to announce it TODAY!

First, you may wonder, why the name change?

Well, changing my business name has been brewing in my mind for quite some time now.  I just didn’t feel like the name “Simplified Wellness for You” accurately expressed my mission and passion.  It just wasn’t me…

Then, several months ago, while attending a local professional networking meeting, it hit me.  I realized that the time was now.  In my company name, I wanted to clearly express both my passion and mission AND who I am as a nutrition practitioner.

So, I got to brainstorming and thinking…

None of the new brand names that surfaced screamed out to me and I ran up against many dead-ends.   

Then, literally, while I was in California this past July, the new name randomly popped into my mind. 

Maybe it was all the playing around in the constant sun – with the beautiful sun shining the new name on me 😉 ?

FullSizeRender (26).jpg

So, I had the new name!

Then, time to make decisions on a new logo…

Here I was with my younger sister, doodling some logo ideas...

2017-08-07 me maria.JPG

Then, here I was on a recent Sunday afternoon, literally pondering over logo options and decisions.

FullSizeRender (27).jpg

And what came from all this, is my new company and brand name!

Drumroll please!...


There it is!  Simple and clear. 

It expresses my life's passion at my core!  Get it?  Core…Gut…  It also speaks to my style and approach of working with my clients and virtual community students.

You’ll slowly see the transition from my old company name to the new one!  Thanks for your patience!

Just a couple notes to point out. 

First --- all my services remain!  Are you doing a happy dance?:)

Secondly, even though I’m now the “HappyGut Hacker” with *focus* on those with digestive issues (which it has been all along), it doesn’t mean that I exclusively work with those with “digestive complaints”.  Hippocrates stated, “All Disease Begins in The Gut”.  We now know that there are many MANY manifestations of poor digestion, which goes way beyond the classic “digestive complaints”.  That means that even with “non-digestive” concerns, such as fatigue, auto-immune conditions, skin issues, cardiovascular health, metabolic issues, body composition (fat-loss or weight gain needs) and more, digestion is still at the root.  Dialing into digestion is key! 

Ok, that’s enough for now!

I hope you love my new name as much as I do!  And, THANK YOU for following my quest to help as many people as possible achieve a HappyGut!

Gina Rieg