Maybe We Are TOO Busy? Consider a Morning Routine Like This!

We all like to be efficient with our time, right?  

That’s understandable…I totally get it, especially being time efficient in the kitchen with preparing real food that will serve us and our health. 

However, let’s think about it for a few minutes here…

This is 1 of the 5 Digestive Burdens that I talk about in my presentation.

This is 1 of the 5 Digestive Burdens that I talk about in my presentation.

Think about how much we do!  How much we multi-task all day long…

Honestly, just thinking about it is exhausting!  Are you nodding your head in agreement? me?

So, consider that we tend to multi-task TOO much…that we are WAY TOO busy…

I admit it...In my journey to my best health, that aspect has been a constant struggle, especially with having my own business.

I, like many, tend to have a way of boasting about my ability to multi-task…and taking on a lot.

How often do we run into someone or randomly receive an email or text and the conversation starts with “How are you?” or “How have you been?”  What’s the typical response?  We may hear or say, “OMG, I’ve been crazy busy, it’s insane, it’s nuts!” Right?!

Whatever way you slice it, we generally are TOO busy. 

I’ve come to realize that the “busy-busy badge”, although it results in getting “a lot done”, often lends itself to undesirable outcomes.  Some of those outcomes include burdening digestion and hindering us from achieving our best health. 

At the end of the day, our best health means what?  That, we are thriving, living life vibrantly!  Who doesn’t want that?

But, when we are in the constant go-go-go mode, our body doesn’t have much time to rest and recharge.  I talk about this in detail in one of my presentations.  The picture above is a slide from my presentation!  Basically, the "Go-Go-Go" mode keeps us revved up, in a flight or fight response mode and many body processes are negatively affected, especially digestion…

So, along the past year or so, I’ve set a priority for myself - something that may sound strange…

My goal is to *NOT* be so busy!

Don't get me wrong.  It's important for things to be happening in your life, things to look forward to, making plans, working on projects, having goals and most importantly LIVING!

However, I believe we too often wear the "busy-busy badge" (myself included at times) without keeping balance with consistent calming time.  I believe this is a major contribution to not just poor gut health but also to all forms of chronic disease.

The key is to consistently bring in simple ways (hacks) that focus on more calm time to re-charge, crowding out the "busy-busy badge"... 

You may be asking, HOW?

Included in my presentation I provide many strategies and videos, including this one here.  It combines several strategies - morning light, meditation and movement. 

Now, this is my IDEAL morning routine.  Let’s be real, does it happen each morning like this?  Definitely not!  But some form of this happens most mornings, even if it’s quick.  I share a lot of these other quick examples with the members in my virtual mentoring group.

I hope this video helps you get a sense of what could work for you.  Remember, this is what works well for me.  Consider creating something similar or different all together!

Remember - less “busy-busy badge" for a SmileyGut :)

Gina Rieg