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WEBINAR: Got a GREAT Gut? Probiotic & Fermented Foods

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What’s the deal with probiotics & fermented foods?  Did you know that we need ample good bacteria for our best health? 

Discover the importance and deliciousness of fermented foods and fermented beverages. 

We’ll discuss why gut health/digestion is the biggest foundation of health and how poor digestion affects health - inflammation, fatigue, fat-loss & body composition, chronic disease & more. 

Explore the different types of fermented foods/beverages that are out there, how to incorporate them into your food lifestyle & how to find good quality commercial varieties.

This is a *WEBINAR* class hosted by Smile Herb Shop in College Park, MD.  Students will be emailed webinar registration link (from Smile Herb Shop) 20 minutes before class begins.   This is an online class and will not be taking place at the shop :)

$35 per student.  Register today to save your spot HERE!