Kitchen & Cooking Coaching

Do you wish you could virtually bring me into your kitchen to guide you along bulk-cooking SmileyGut meals?

Now you can! And it couldn’t be easier!

This is how it works…

  • First, I’ll help you prepare the meal plan and the ingredients, equipment/materials that you’ll need to gather for the Cooking Day.

  • Then, on the cooking day, we’ll be in a LIVE video call together. You’ll place your computer/phone camera so that I can see your kitchen, in real time!

  • I’ll guide you along the entire way to prepare and cook multiple meals at the same time. You’ll have constant help from me, including all my tips & tricks.

This is different from our In-Home Personal Cooking because with this virtual Kitchen & Cooking Coaching, we aren’t physically there in your kitchen, preparing your meals for you. However, YOU are doing all the cooking and I am virtually there to see everything and guide you along, all in real-time. You’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to bulk-prepare meals for yourself and your family!

Special perks of this service include…

  • You can book a shorter duration of time - for example, from 4 hours to 8 hours!

  • Full access to all my cooking and food prep secrets, in real-time, as you are literally preparing and cooking the meals.

At $42/hour, you can’t beat it!*

You’ll be well on your way with new kitchen and cooking skills (including being super efficient in the kitchen) and new-found confidence!

(*Please note, all my menu planning time and my preparation communications are billable time.)