My Story

Hello!  I’m Gina Rieg, "SmileyGut Hacker".

In addition to my professional roles, I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend and an aunt to many awesome nieces and nephews!

I love real food, movement, training, community, family and friends.

At my core is my passion for empowering others to seek out and strive for their personal optimal health.  I’m tremendously enthusiastic about others looking outside the box and taking their health in their own hands with natural approaches.  This also impacts others including our future generations.

My mission and purpose is to empower others along their own personal health journey.


Perhaps like you, I’ve also been through a journey of health struggles.  Specifically, when I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a form of Intestinal Bowel Disease (IBD).  I was told that I would have to “deal with” chronic digestive disease for the rest of my life and take medications.  After following along with the conventional medical’s toolbox of “disease management” with pharmaceuticals for over 10 years, I simply had enough.   Read the full, detailed account of my story HERE.

So, my gut started talking to me.  I decided to listen… 

I chose to venture off on another path.

I decided to opt-out of the typical “disease management” model, full of pharmaceutical medications.  The disease management model also neglects getting at the root causes of disease.  Instead, I chose recovery and healing with natural approaches through ancestral health.

I embraced and began the transition to a new lifestyle, choosing to support my body to not only heal from chronic digestive disease but to better ensure the best, vibrant health for myself in the future and that of the next generation. 

The first imperative step was transitioning to an ancestral food lifestyle.  I also brought in other natural therapies and support, creating a synergistic space for healing. 

In time, I succeeded in something that most conventional doctors find surprising and downright impossible... 

I eased off heavy-duty pharmaceutical medications and haven’t returned to them.  I’ve achieved a health where my body is no longer screaming out in anguish from the often debilitating signs of chronic digestive disease – bloody stools, intense abdominal cramping, urgency and diarrhea up to 20 bathroom trips a day.  I no longer chose to “manage disease” but I prioritized recovering and healing.

I developed a new, more natural toolbox for healing and for my personal best health, free of chronic digestive disease.

And that’s the source of my passion.  This is all why I’m here.

If you are dealing with chronic digestive issues, know that I have been in your shoes.  I have personally experienced chronic digestive disease, full-out, and I know what it’s like – the physical and emotional roller coaster ride.  I have gotten off that roller coaster ride of chronic digestive disease.  I can help you do that too.

Whether it’s what you may consider to be “minor” digestive complaints or full-out chronic digestive disease, I’m here to cushion your journey.

I know how frustrating and overwhelming this road is.  I know how daunting it seems to make lifestyle changes.  I’m here to help you navigate and guide you in your healing and recovery.  

Whether it’s in my virtual group mentoring program, personalized private coaching or in a class/seminar, let’s work together now – you and your health are worth it.

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